Gärd Arawn Bag


  • Image of Gärd Arawn Bag
  • Image of Gärd Arawn Bag
  • Image of Gärd Arawn Bag
  • Image of Gärd Arawn Bag
  • Image of Gärd Arawn Bag

Arawn is named after the Celtic god of hunting and this bag is the perfect accessory for a day adventuring.

Arawn shoulder bag is hand-made from locally sourced English leather and hand-dyed a rich shade of chestnut or mahogany. The leather is brought together with hand-stitching to create a natural and beautiful shape that will last a lifetime. For a truly stylish and hard-wearing finish, the bag is embellished with solid brass hardware.

For comfort, this bag can be carried across the body or over the shoulder with a fully adjustable strap.

Each creation is handmade and bespoke, hence the size is approximate and the colour of the leather may vary slightly from the photo.

Ladies Arawn bag size: [22.5cm x 19cm x 9cm]

Gärd products are handcrafted and take over thirty hours to complete. A small selection of stock is available, but if the item you wish to purchase is currently out of stock, the bag can be handmade in two weeks from the purchase date. Once purchased you will receive an email notifying you of the expected delivery date.

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Image of Gärd  Arawn Gentleman's Bag
Gärd Arawn Gentleman's Bag
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