Gärd Leather offers stylish traditionally made leather products, ranging from Ladies’ and Gentlemans’ fashion ware to hunting accessories. Each Gärd Leather product is a unique creation made from the finest locally sourced English leather and hand-stitched to create a stylish look that will last a lifetime.

Craftswoman and designer, began her journey in traditional leather craftsmanship, over 25 years ago, repairing horse tack and saddlery.

“I’ve always relied upon leather as a tool while forming bonds with horses, so it became second nature to also form that same bond with leather at a young age. I’ve taught myself everything from scratch and I’ve loved every bump and curve along the path”.

Inspired by the natural beauty of leather she strives to keep traditional techniques alive in the Hampshire local community and enjoys nothing more than working with clients to produce bespoke leatherware and passing down her knowledge to younger generations.